7 Things to Avoid When Trying to Conceive

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Dr. Hrishikesh Pai Created on 15th Jan, 22

It's impossible to forecast whether a pregnancy test will come up positive while you are trying to conceive. Thankfully, you can do a few things each month to improve your chances of becoming pregnant. You can, for example, keep track of your cycle, take vitamins, eat a healthy diet, and do some workouts. But there are times when what you don't do is just as significant as what you do. 


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Keep reading to find out things to stay away from while trying to conceive. 

If you want to take your life to the next level, motherhood, you should read this blog. Our specialists will advise you on how to increase your chances of conceiving. Here are some things to avoid while trying to conceive, according to our specialists.


Smoking is harmful to one's health as well as to achieve pregnancy. Smoking alters the fallopian tubes and cervix, which might result in a miscarriage. Tobacco also results in an ectopic pregnancy. Smoking can harm your ovaries, causing you to produce fewer eggs. The lesser eggs you produce, the less chance you are to conceive.


Consumption of caffeine

Caffeine consumption should be reduced to improve the chances of pregnancy. Cutting down the number of caffeinated beverages such as tea and coffee is always advisable. Caffeine consumption in excess can interfere with pregnancy and lead to issues such as miscarriage. Our experts recommend reducing the consumption of caffeine to enhance the chances of pregnancy. Quitting caffeine will help you to get closer to your dream pregnancy.


Excess alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol can make it difficult to conceive. Excess drinking can make it challenging to achieve a person's goal of having a kid. When trying to conceive, it is, therefore, advisable to limit alcohol consumption. Your gynecologist in Mumbai may recommend abstaining from alcohol completely when planning to conceive.


To boost your chances of conceiving, it is critical to keep busy and engage in moderate exercise. An expert gynecologist in Mumbai may recommend doing mildest exercises that you enjoy. You'll stay motivated and won't get weary as quickly if you do the activity of your choice.


Excessive activity:  

Excessive exercise is hazardous and reduces the possibility of pregnancy. When done in moderation, exercise is beneficial. It can cause hormonal changes and reduce one's chances of becoming pregnant.


Junk foods: 

It is tough to avoid junk foods during pregnancy. Unhealthy eating can make you feel happy for a short time. They may bring you some pleasures. They will keep you from gaining the greatest delight of your life—your child. If you want to receive the happiness of your life, you must forgo modest pleasures. For a healthy pregnancy, the gynecologist specialist in Mumbai may recommend adding fruits and vegetables to your diet, and having a balanced diet is always a good option.


Excess stress

Stress can also affect pregnancy and make it more difficult to conceive. You can effectively manage your stress. One can control anxiety by practicing yoga and relaxation techniques. Participating in activities that one enjoys can also assist with stress management. Visualizing how well you handled a challenging situation can enhance your confidence and help you manage stress in real-life situations.



Budget Fertility & IVF Centre, offers pre-pregnancy counseling that helps in improving your chances of conceiving. Our gynecology doctor in Mumbai will discuss with you your health issues and medical history. Based on it, they will recommend antenatal care to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. 


It's time to take the first step toward realising your dreams by avoiding the seven things listed above. It's time to separate yourself from the above activity to come closer to your joys and dreams. If you don't want to give up on your dreams, you must give up on these seven things. By visiting the top gynecologist doctor in Mumbai, you can improve your chances of conceiving and get closer to your dream.