Is IVF Treatment In Mumbai A Good Option For Couples?

Disheartened by repeated failure to get pregnant? Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, a renowned fertility specialist in Mumbai, says IVF may be the best solution for you.

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When your efforts to become pregnant fail repeatedly, you can feel discouraged and lost. Furthermore, it cannot be very pleasant when loved ones inquire about your family plans on a regular basis, especially when people around you appear to be conceiving without even trying too hard. 


It may make you feel like staying away from social events and family get-togethers; it may make you feel like nobody understands what you are going through.


However, you are not alone. Millions of people worldwide who are of reproductive age struggle with infertility. 

If you have been trying to conceive but have been unsuccessful, you have come to the correct place. 


The eminent IVF specialist, Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, assures you that various treatments are available at Budget Fertility Centre, a world-class IVF center in Mumbai, to help you realize your dreams of raising a family. Some of the best gynecologist in Mumbai manage our centre, and are pioneers in women's health

What are the various procedures for treating infertility in Mumbai?

Infertility treatment may require tremendous time, effort, and financial obligations. Some infertility causes are unfixable. However, couples can frequently still become pregnant by using ART (assisted reproductive technologies) when a natural pregnancy does not occur.

Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, an acclaimed infertility doctor, says that infertility treatment in Mumbai relies on:

  • The root of the infertility
  • Length of the infertility
  • Ages of you and your partner
  • Individual preferences

Procedures for treating infertility include:

  • Varicocelectomy - Varicocelectomy is a surgery that removes swollen veins inside the scrotum, called varicoceles
  • IVF (In-vitro fertilization) - A process whereby eggs and sperm are fertilized in a test tube in a lab. The resulting embryo is then put into the womb for continued development. For many infertility issues, IVF is the most frequently advised procedure.


  • IUI (intrauterine insemination) - The procedure of injecting sperm into the uterus for fertilization. ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection): A process in which a single, healthy, mature sperm is injected into an egg.
IUI (intrauterine insemination)

What is the IVF procedure?

Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, an accomplished gynecologist, says that IVF treatment in Mumbai is a well-planned step-by-step procedure. IVF is the abbreviation for in vitro fertilization which means conception (fertilization) in a lab (in vitro).

IVF usually entails collecting many eggs that are retrieved using a TVS (transvaginal ultrasound) guided needle and putting them in a petri dish with carefully cleaned sperm cells. The sperm cells are collected via masturbation.   

 IVF procedure

If everything works out according to plan, a few of the retrieved eggs will be inseminated by sperm cells and mature into embryos. You will have 1 or 2 of those healthy and viable embryos placed in your uterus. The sperm cells occasionally require additional assistance during fertilization. ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) is a form of assisted reproduction when a single sperm cell is injected into an egg.

Situations where ICSI is required, include:

  • PGT (preimplantation genetic testing) of embryos
  • Severely infertile males
  • Previously cryopreserved eggs
  • Previous failed fertilization attempts in IVF cycles

You need a lot of eggs for traditional IVF. However, the ovaries must first be stimulated before the eggs can be extracted. Your body matures typically only 1 or possibly 2eggs every month without the aid of fertility medications. Hence, injectable fertility medications are employed to encourage your ovaries to develop 12 or more eggs for harvesting.


Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, often referred to as the best IVF doctor in Mumbai, adds that this is not always the case. Oral fertility medications or extremely low-dose injectable medicines may be used to generate just a few eggs during mini IVF (also known as minimal stimulation IVF).

How much does an IVF treatment cost in Mumbai?

Budget Fertility Centre is a reputable and well-known IVF facility in Mumbai that provides safe and reliable infertility treatments at affordable prices.  Our Mumbai IVF clinic provides low-cost IVF treatment with a high success rate. The cost of an IVF cycle at Budget Fertility Centre is Rs. 70000, including medications.

We also have EMI choices, and there are no additional fees. We have some of the highly experienced IVF doctors in Mumbai, a state-of-the-art laboratory, and cutting-edge equipment.

What are the success rates at Budget Fertility Centre?

For women under 35, the IVF success rate at our fertility center is from 40 - 45 %. The success rate declines with age.

And that is why Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, among the best gynecologists in Mumbai, advises ladies over 42 to choose donor eggs if their eggs are of poor quality.


Although conception may seem like a small miracle, your capacity to conceive is influenced by your age, underlying health issues, menstrual cycle, and even your degree of stress. And not being able to get pregnant can cause you anxiety, frustration, sadness, and more stress. It can be a vicious cycle and highly disheartening. 


Thanks to ongoing improvements in ART (assisted reproductive technologies), fertility doctors now have the research, instruments, and protocols necessary to assist you in overcoming your obstacles so you can proceed with your plans to start a family. But remember, the younger and healthier the eggs and sperms are, the better your chances of having a successful and healthy pregnancy. So do not delay any longer.


Contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, an extremely successful IVF specialist in Mumbai. Dr. Pai has over 35 years of expertise and is a highly trusted and one of the preferred infertility doctors in India.