Mumbai’s Budget Fertility Clinic, offers economical but result-oriented male infertility treatment

Published on 27th Nov, 22

Dr Hrishikesh Pai, founder and director of Budget Fertility Clinic, asserts that male infertility is rising, and various treatments and procedures exist to resolve this issue. Therefore, there is no reason for males to feel disheartened or disappointed as there are many possibilities and avenues to resolve these issues.

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Are you seeking reliable Gynaecological Treatment in Mumbai?

Published on 28th Sep, 22

Gynaecology or gynecology involves the treatment of women’s reproductive system and organs. It is possible to experience some gynecologic health issues as women grow from puberty till old age. Therefore, doctors qualified to treat medical conditions of the women’s reproductive system are known as gynaecologists.

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How to treat amenorrhea the right way for normal and good health?

Published on 30th Aug, 22

The rising cases of amenorrhea bring in the need to create more awareness of this condition. Amenorrhea is a gynaecological condition identified with the absence of one or more menstrual cycles.

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Top Gynecologist Dr. Hrishikesh Pai on how to combat PCOD the right way

Published on 4th Mar, 22

Budget Fertility Centre offers PCOD Treatment in Mumbai at affordable. Budget Fertility Centre is one of Mumbai’s leading centers for IVF treatment in Mumbai, which treats women with PCOD conditions.

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