Giving birth is a wonderful but daunting experience, especially if it is your first time. At such times you need the guidance, support, and expertise of an experienced gynecologist.

Budget Fertility Centreis a trusted and well-known facility offeringa range of obstetrics and gynecology services, including normal delivery in Mumbai.

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Read on to know what normal delivery is and its stages. It will help you understand the process and what to expect.


Normal Delivery Overview

Normal delivery means giving birth to the child through the vagina without any medical intervention. It is also referred to as vaginal birth. It is one of the safest and most common delivery methods that offer quicker recovery. At Budget Fertility Centre, our gynecologists always recommend normal delivery to young and healthy women having low-risk pregnancies.

Normal delivery, a natural way of giving birth, is safe for the mother and child if you are active, your pressure is normal, and the fetus is in position.

We consider cesarean delivery only if you have some medical condition or insist on C-section even after counseling.

normal delivery

Remember, giving birth is an incredible experience, and each delivery is unique. Our highly competent and compassionate team understands your anxiety and will patiently help you at every step of your normal delivery in Mumbai at our centre.

What are the stages of normal delivery?

normal delivery

Full-term labourusually starts around 37 to 42 weeks. Scroll on to know the different stages of normal delivery.


Stage 1: Effacement of the cervix and dilation

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You will begin to feel contractions when the uterus tightens and releases during the early stages of normal birth. Furthermore, the cervix dilates, softens, and stretches due to contractions, thereby assisting you in delivering the baby.

These contractions can continue for a long time, up to 12 hours insome instances, especially during the first pregnancy, and 7 to 8 hours in subsequent pregnancies.


Three stages of labour

  • The beginning of labour: You will have contractions every three to five minutes, and the dilation of your cervix will be four centimetres. You can stay at home at this time, but please notify your gynecologist.
  • Active labour You are in the active labour phase when your contractions become more frequent and intense. It is two to three minutes between two successive contractions that last more than a minute. At this point, the dilation of the cervix is approximately 7 cm. As the labour advances, theamniotic sac may rupture, referred to as water breaking. It can accelerate contractions. You must now proceed to the hospital for delivery.
  • Transitional period: During this stage, the cervix is fully dilated, about 10 centimetres. The contractions will become stronger and more painful, occurring every two to three minutes and lasting 60 to 90 seconds.


 Stage 2 : Delivery of the baby 

The second stage of normal delivery commences once the cervix fully dilates. With the help of continual strong and intense contractions, the baby is pushed into the birth canal headfirst. The doctor will instruct you to push firmly during each contraction, which can be exhausting. As the baby moves out, you will experience intense pain around the vaginal entrance. The gynecologist may expand the vaginal opening by making an incision, known as episiotomy. This helps the baby come out more easily, but you will have to keep pushing until the baby is out.


Stage 3 : Expulsion of the placenta

Lastly, the placenta is pushed out through the vaginal canal once the baby is delivered. It could take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour. To hasten the process, the doctor will rub your lower abdomen. Our gynecologistsat Budget Fertility Centre specialize in normal delivery in Mumbai. They help the patients deliver their babies safely and ensure that both are healthy.

What are the advantages of normal delivery?

Normal delivery offers numerous advantages such as:

  • Faster recovery
  • Less time in the hospital
  • The baby has a stronger immune system.
  • The natural childbirth process stimulates lactation.
  • It offers a better prospect of normal delivery the next time due to the absence of incisions on the abdomen or uterus.

How can you prepare for a normal delivery?

According to our experienced gynecologists, the preparation for normal delivery starts from the time you get to know you are pregnant.

Ways in which you can help yourself:

  • Keep your mind and body healthy. Eat a nourishing diet, but avoid piling on excess weight as that can pose an issue during labour. When pregnant, you do not have to eat for two.
  • Keep yourself active. Walking and prenatal exercise routines help build stamina and flexibility and teach you to relax and breathe, which is necessary during natural delivery.
  • Enrolling yourself in natural birthing classes is beneficial as it educates and prepares you for natural childbirth.

At the time of your labour, especially in the first stage, be relaxed and active. Keep your mind off the pain by engaging in activities that you like. You can have a light diet.

What is the normal delivery cost in Mumbai?

The charges for normal delivery are different in every hospital. It depends on various factors, such as the hospital’s infrastructure, the expertise of the gynecologist, the type of room you choose, etc.

When you visit Budget Fertility Centre for your appointments during your pregnancy, our doctors will tell you about the normal delivery cost in Mumbai at our centre, which is affordable.

Why choose Budget Fertility Centre for normal delivery in Mumbai?

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Frequently Asked Questions

If there is vaginal tearing or the gynecologist has performed an episiotomy, you will need vaginal stitches.

You can manage the pain by:

  • Massage
  • Position change
  • Breathing exercise
  • Emotional support and motivation from your partner or family

You will have to leave immediately for the hospital if:

  • Your water bag burst
  • You have vaginal bleeding
  • The contractions are frequent, like 2 to 3 in ten minutes.

However, if you are staying far from the hospital, please leave early.