Endometriosis Treatment in Mumbai

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We have some of the leading gynecologist in Mumbai practicing at our centre who offer accurate advice and treatment alternatives. They are experts in all women’s health concerns, including endometriosis treatment in Mumbai.

What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis treatment in mumbai

Endometriosis is a painful gynecological condition that affects about 10% of women. It occurs when the tissues that line the uterus grows outside it. The most typical places for this tissue to develop are the ovaries, fallopian tubes, intestines, and peritoneum.

During your period, it functions similarly to uterine tissue, breaking down and bleeding after the cycle. The body generally expels this sort of tissue after menstruation, but endometriosis tissue can stay in the body and cause inflammation. Scar tissue can occur as tissue decomposes. It can cover your ovaries or block your Fallopian tubes.

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    What are the causes of Endometriosis?

    • Retrograde menstruation
    • Immune system disorder
    • Surgical scar implantation
    • Transport through endometrial cell
    • Transformation of embryonic cell or peritoneal cells

    What are the symptoms of Endometriosis?

    ymptoms of EndometriosisThe symptoms of Endometriosis include:

    • Cramps for a couple of weeks around menstruation
    • Painful periods
    • Excessive bleeding during periods
    • Pain in the lower back and abdomen around your periods
    • Pain during intercourse
    • Infertility
    • Discomfort during bowel movement

    The most common symptom of endometriosis is pain. However, the intensity of the discomfort does not always correspond to the severity of the disease.

    After menopause, when the body stops manufacturing estrogen, the pain usually goes away.

    How is Endometriosis detected?

    Endometriosis symptoms might be confused with other illnesses such as pelvic inflammatory disease and ovarian cysts. Correct diagnosis is required to treat your symptoms.

    The endometriosis specialist in Mumbai at our centre may perform the following tests:

    • Detailed history
    • Ultrasound or MRI
    • Pelvic exam
    • Laparoscopy
    • Biopsy

    The only method to confirm an endometriosis diagnosis is through surgical laparoscopy. Our endometriosis doctor in Mumbai will pass the laparoscope through a small cut in the pelvic area and observe the images of the tissue changes.

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      What are the treatment options for Endometriosis at Budget IVF & Fertility Centre?

      Depending on the severity and symptoms, we provide various endometriosis treatment in Mumbai.  We can treat it with hormonal drugs or surgery.

      Hormonal treatmentHormonal treatment

      Our endometriosis doctor in Mumbai may recommend taking birth control pills or using other hormonal birth control techniques. They may also prescribe gonadotrophin-releasing hormone in some circumstances.

      These may assist in lowering estrogen levels and prevent the growth of abnormal tissue. They cannot, however, heal adhesions or boost fertility.


      Laparoscopic surgery

      Laparoscopic surgeryThe most common type of endometriosis is Endometrioma, which appears as a tiny sac filled with blood and a chocolate-like dark substance in the ovaries. The capsule protects the sac.

      The endometriosis specialist in Mumbai will drain the chocolate substance and dissect the capsule from the ovarian tissue, taking care not to harm the ovarian tissue or deplete the oocytes.


      Infertility treatment

      An endometrioma may be treated as part of a typical infertility examination if detected during a routine ultrasound. The doctor can check for tubal patency and use IUI to induce ovulation for two to four cycles. If it fails, we may recommend IVF.

      Laparoscopy is not required prior to IVF unless you have a large endometrioma that can hinder egg extraction, or symptoms such as pain. The use of a carbon dioxide laser aids in the reduction of injury.

      Our endometriosis specialist in Mumbai may leave the capsule portions closest to the ovarian hilum alone to reduce oocyte loss. However, with this partial capsule withdrawal, the recurrence rate is increased.

      Before and after the endometrioma is removed, we may do an AMH examination. If your AMH level drops following surgery, you should start IVF therapy right away. Unmarried girls can have their eggs removed and frozen to preserve their fertility.



      If your issue does not improve with other treatments, our doctor may suggest a total hysterectomy as a final resort.

      They will remove the uterus and cervix during a complete hysterectomy along with the ovaries since they produce estrogen, which encourages endometrial tissue to develop.

      Why should you choose Budget IVF & Fertility Centre for Endometriosis Treatment in Mumbai?

      • At Budget IVF & Fertility Centre, we have highly experienced gynecologist in Mumbai who are experts in managing and treating endometriosis.
      • Our centre uses the latest innovations and techniques to provide excellent personalized endometriosis treatment in Mumbai.
      • We aim to provide affordable treatments so that everyone can benefit from world-class medical care. We ensure that you obtain an accurate diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment at a reasonable cost.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        Endometriosis has no cure, and surgical or medicinal interventions are still the most effective ways to manage the problem.

        Severe endometriosis can lead to infertility if left untreated. Endometriosis can also make you more susceptible to some cancers.

        There are four stages of endometriosis:

        • Minimal
        • Mild
        • Moderate
        • Severe

        They are classified according to extent, location and depth.