Hysteroscopy Treatment In Mumbai

Budget IVF & Fertility Centre is a premium gynecological centre that offers excellent and affordable hysteroscopy treatment in Mumbai. This procedure helps gynecologists to diagnose and treat abnormal bleeding by viewing your uterus from the inside.

At Budget IVF & Fertility Centre we take a proactive approach to your gynecological health by focusing on preventative screening, early diagnosis, and advanced surgical procedures.

We have some of the best gynecologist in Mumbai practicing here, including Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, Dr. Rishma Dhillon Pai, and Dr. Rohan Palshetkar. Such is their popularity that patients from far and near visit our centre for treatment.

We offer comprehensive treatment for a range of gynecological disorders and conditions such as recurrent miscarriage, PCOD treatment, infertility, fibroids, menopause, cysts, pelvic pain, menstruation issues, endometriosis treatment, etc.

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Hysteroscopy Overview

Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive treatment that examines the uterus and cervix from the inside using a small instrument with a light and a tiny camera that is inserted into the vagina.

Hysteroscopic examinations can be either diagnostic or therapeutic, which means the surgeon can perform any necessary uterine modifications without having to create an incision in your stomach.

Our gynecologists recommend hysteroscopy treatment in Mumbai in case you have several failed IVF or you have a lesion, fibroids, polyps, or adhesions inside your uterus that needs treatment.


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    What are the different types of Hysteroscopies?

    1. Diagnostic hysteroscopy treatment in Mumbai

    The doctor may recommend diagnostic hysteroscopy to evaluate certain gynaecological issues, such as:

    • Examine the reasons for excessive uterine bleeding.
    • Determine the cause of your miscarriages.
    • Examine the cause of infertility.
    • Detect and observe benign growths such as polyps, fibroids, or deformities, and scarring.
    • It is performed before the curettage and dilation procedure.
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    2. Operative hysteroscopy treatment in Mumbai

    To avoid a second surgery, our hysteroscopy treatment specialist in Mumbai may utilize operative hysteroscopy at the same time as a diagnostic hysteroscopy to address the abnormal uterine conditions discovered during the diagnostic hysteroscopy. For treating the problem, tiny instruments are passed through the hysteroscope.

    • Remove benign growth from the uterus
    • Locate the IUD
    • Take a sample of tissue from the lining of your uterus.
    • Insert tiny implants in your fallopian tubes for permanent birth control
    • Detect and remove uterine scar tissues that can cause infertility and changes in menstrual flow.
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    Question Related To Hysteroscopy

    What is the hysteroscopy treatment cost in Mumbai?

    Hysteroscopy treatment cost in Mumbai varies depending on the clinic and the success rate. When choosing the clinic, the success rate should always be the main focus. The cost varies depending on the type of hysteroscopy required for your medical condition.

    What is the procedure of hysteroscopy in Mumbai?

    • The doctor will administer preoperative sedation with mild analgesics prior to the surgery.
    • A hysteroscopy treatment specialist in Mumbai will open the cervix with a speculum.
    • Then they will insert the hysteroscope in your vagina and through it into your uterus.
    • Liquid or gas is introduced to your uterus to expand it to allow better viewing and moving of instruments.
    • The surgeon views the uterus and fallopian tube entrance on the screen through the transmission of images by the camera.
    • Small instruments are passed into the uterus through the hysteroscope if surgery is required.

    Why should you choose Budget IVF & Fertility Centre for hysteroscopy treatment in Mumbai?

    • Budget IVF & Fertility Centre is a trusted gynecology clinic in Mumbai where you have access to sophisticated medical infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies.
    • Our gynecologists have extensive experience and are very skilled in various gynecological operations.
    • The cost of our gynecological procedures and treatments are affordable so that everybody can benefit from our high-quality service.

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      Question Related To Hysteroscopy

      What are the benefits of hysteroscopy?

      As opposed to other invasive treatments, hysteroscopy may provide the following benefits:

      • Shorter hospital stays.
      • Faster recovery.
      • Minimum requirement for pain medication.
      • You can avoid hysterectomy and open abdominal surgery.

      Recovery and care after hysteroscopy

      • The duration of recovery will depend on the purpose of hysteroscopy treatment. You may experience the following signs and symptoms after the procedure:
        • There may be some bleeding or spotting for a couple of days.
        • Cramping
        • Shoulder pain if carbon dioxide gas was used
        • Light-headedness
        • Nausea

        To aid your recovery, our surgeon may prescribe pain medication and ask you to rest for a couple of days if you have undergone surgery.

        After surgical hysteroscopy, you should abstain from sexual activity for about a week. It helps lower the chances of infection. For quick recovery, follow all the instructions given by the surgeon.

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        Frequently Asked Questions.

        The type of anesthetic used during hysteroscopy depends on whether other procedures will be conducted simultaneously. Accordingly, the surgeon will use local, regional, or general anesthesia.

        Despite its many benefits, hysteroscopy may not be suited for everyone. After a thorough assessment by the doctor, the treatment will be carried out.

        • Bleeding
        • Infection
        • Injury to the nearby organs, such as ovaries, cervix, bowels, and bladder.
        • Reaction to gas or fluid used
        • Pelvic inflammatory disease